Friday, February 23, 2018

The Road After Hana
There’s much focus on driving TO Hana, but the road does continue after you leave Hana.  Jeff and I decided to just drive the entire road around that part of the island, and altho not nearly as lush as the way to Hana, it does have some interesting sights to see!
There are some areas that have touches of lushness, as you can see by the image of a stream that I took.  To be honest, this was shortly after leaving Hana, and there were touches of lushness still around.  But southeast Maui, where we were now driving, is dry compared to the other side.  It’s really amazing how diverse Maui is, in terms of weather and environment!
Peaceful Stream
The southeast coast can be really pretty and there were several different views.  On this side of the island, the road is much less winding and it’s easier for the driver to also enjoy the views!
Southeast Maui Coast
Jeff and I actually got a bit of a history lesson on this drive.  There is a small church along this route, Palapala Ho’mau Church.  It looks like a charming country church, and it was open so that one could step inside.  There’s something about the inside of a church that makes me just stop, breathe and reflect for a moment or two.  The history that I spoke of was found in the small cemetery next to the church.  Charles Lindberg, the aviator who flew the first solo flight across the Atlantic, is buried there.  It seems that he lived the last 6 years of his life on Maui, in this area.  He was diagnosed with cancer, and when his doctors in New York told him he had only 7 – 10 days to live, he called his grown son to get him back to Maui.  His son purchased a portion of the first class section of a commercial jet, and Charles made his final flight home.  He died a week after he got back home….to Maui.
Palapala Ho’mau Church and Charles Lindberg’s Grave
As we drove on, the coast became drier and rockier.  One interesting formation along this route is this sea arch.  It’s not exactly what one would think of as a picnic spot, but there were people picnicking on this site.  After this, the road curved back up the mountain (Haleakala) and we drove across the mountain back to our little vacation cottage.
Sea Arch

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Towns along the Road to Hana
The Road to Hana leads, of course, to the town of Hana.  But, along the way, down a little side road, there is also the small town (village, really) of Nahiku.  The people of the town keep to themselves, and it’s most definitely NOT a tourist town.  But, it does have some fabulous scenery!
There is about a quarter mile or so stroll to the water from the small church that you can park in front of, as long as there are no services going on, and there’s room.  The stroll is strangely peaceful, given the sound of the waves just ahead.  Altho this appears to be a narrow road (and is), the bridge that crosses a small creek no longer can support vehicles traveling across it, so we had to walk to the shoreline.
Nahiku Stroll
And, of course, in Maui, where there’s a creek, there must be a waterfall.  This little gem is somewhat hidden, because it’s right at the mouth of the creek that flows into the ocean and that view sort of steals the scene!  But, it is a lovely little oasis.
Falls at Nahiku
You can see how easy it is to steal the scene, when this is the view!!  To me, this is sort of a postcard of a Hawaiian scene.  The green trees and tropical shrubbery leading directly to the beautiful turquoise blue of the ocean and the white foam of the waves as they lap the shore.
Hawaiian Scene
Of course, the waves were putting on a show here.  I was tempted to dip my toes into the small pool formed by lava rocks,  but then I looked at the wave action, even inside this protected spot, and decided I’d rather continue the drive than spend the day at the ER getting treated for injuries due to crashing against the lava rocks when I fell in!
Splash Pool
Actually, at the mid-point of the Road to Hana, we came to the town of Hana.  I guess the road beyond Hana can be called the Road Away From Hana! LOL!  And, it’s as if we never left Nahiku!  I think this scene is very similar to the splash pool we visited there!
Clear Waters
The views from Hana were just a beautifully Hawaiian.  Blue skies, aquamarine waters, and the lush green of the trees let me know I was a long way from New Mexico!!
Scene from Hana Town
As I walked along a sort of pier that jutted out from the town on one side, there was this beautifully peaceful view of the shoreline.  Yes, the water was crashing a bit, but it was much calmer than elsewhere we had been that day!
Grassy Rocks
And, the view from the other side of that old pier was that of Hana Town, as some signs in town referred to it.  It’s truly a very small town and runs along the coast.  You can see the cloudy skies that surround a lot of the Haleakala Crater.  As most mountains do, it tends to create its own weather.  But the town of Hana lies just outside its influence.
Hana Town

Crashing Surf
One of the little side roads we took on the Road to Hana led to the edge of Ke’anae Peninsula.  The most wonderfully remarkable thing about this area is the way the surf crashes into the shoreline, and how close we are able to stand to that shoreline!  I’m not going to try to explain each of these images.  I think you can easily imagine the sound of the surf, and almost feel the spray of the waves.  I will tell you that I loved how the mist from the waves was highlighted against the sea and the sky.
Crashing Waves
Waves at the end of the Peninsula
Sea Spray
Crashing into Lava Rocks

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hana Road Waterfalls
One of the things that the Road to Hana is known for are the waterfalls – some easily visible, some a bit of a trek into the woods, and others totally hidden, and unavailable to me!  As you’ll see from this long post, altho some may be hidden, there are plenty   that are easily visible!
The first waterfall we saw required a bit of a trek into the woods.  If it hadn’t been described in the travel book I had, I would have totally missed this one.  It wasn’t very large, but it was a very sweet start to the waterfall show.
Peeking at Haipua’ena Falls
The next set of falls was along the road, but easy to miss because the falls face parallel to the road, and not toward the road.  The Hawaiian name of the falls is Waikani, but the other name is 3 Bears Falls.  I’ve seen this waterfall when the water is flowing heavily, and the 3 bears become one very large bear!  I think that in this case, less is most definitely more – the 3 delicate falls are just so lovely.  Also, if you look toward the ride side of the image, you’ll see a splash.  It almost looks like the start of a 4th bear!
Waikani – 3 Bears & a Splash
The next waterfall is the Hanawi Falls.  The interesting thing about this waterfall is that you can stand on the bridge, and look directly down on the falls as they crash over the edge into a small pool below.   The sunlight plays so pretty over the water in that pool, too.  Such pretty blue green color, and the water is incredibly clear.
Hanawi Falls on Hana Highway
I don’t know the name of this waterfall, but it was almost hidden and easy to miss as you drive along the road.  Jeff paid attention to the curves in the road, and I was responsible for spotting the waterfalls!  I had to walk back along the road across the bridge, and really sort of seek out the waterfall as it was sort of around an edge of the woods.  In this image, I slowed down the shutter speed so you can get an idea of how smoothly the water flowed over the various rocks along the way down.
Almost Hidden Waterfall on Hana Highway
Here’s another slow-motion waterfall shot.  I especially love the way the water flows on the bottom of the falls – just cascading gently over all the layers of rocks.
Grace on the Hana Highway
Here’s another waterfall that was hidden away – no, I didn’t have to walk thru the woods to get to it, but I did have to look closely into the woods, because it was hidden away in the darkness of the woods.  I love the slow gentle cascade flow of this very small, and very elegant waterfall.
Hidden Waterfall
This waterfall is the same one that I shared on my Facebook tease.  I love the way the waterfall is so gentle that it seems to almost disappear as it flows over the rocks.  From the tease, when you can see people at the base, this is a very tall waterfall. 
Waimoku Falls

Views on the Road to Hana
One day, we decided to drive the loop around Maui that included the Road to Hana.  This road is a popular one for tourists, altho some get a bit unnerved by all the twists & turns on the way to Hana!  There are so many sights, this blog will be focusing on the beautiful scenery, that also include some wonderfully moss covered bridges.  There will be more sights to share in future posts as well.
One of the things that is so wonderful about this road are the beautiful sights.  As the road twists and turns, fabulous views keep peeking in and out.  And frequently along the roadside, there are bushes with beautifully brilliantly orange colored blooms.
View from the Hana Highway
Maui is a tropical island, and as such, it’s very warm and humid – perfect conditions for moss.  And, where is the moss most visible?  On the bridges that bridge many, many creeks and brooks the originate somewhere with a waterfall.  And, as I looked at many bridges, it just seems like they are creating their own form of art.
Bridges on the Road to Hana
And, here are some of those creeks and brooks!  They are just so happy looking – there’s really no other word for it.  As I looked at them, I just had to smile.  All the green surrounding the rushing water, made each little scene look so much more lush than seems possible.
Brooks and Creeks
As I walked along the roadside to photograph the brooks, creeks, scenes and waterfalls, there were also lots of small flowers that kept peeking up at me!  Here are a couple that always seemed to appear when I sometimes least expected them!!
Road of Blooms
Finally, let me leave you with this view from both sides – one side shows more of a babbling brook – the other shows us how the flow got gentler as it made its way to the open ocean.
Two Sides of the Road

Friday, February 9, 2018

Waipoli Road
One day, we decided to follow another road that is very winding up on the mountain, Haleakala.  I had read that there was something at the very end that one would not expect to find on an island like Maui.  Sounded too intriguing to pass up!
At the beginning, we saw more of the Maui ranches that are around, if you are outside the more commercial end of the island.  In this case, we saw goats lots and lots of goats!!  I have to admit, I think this may be the largest number of goats I’d ever seen in one place.  I’m used to seeing one or two of them with horses, as companion animals, but not an entire tribe of goats yes, that’s what a group of goats is called!
Maui Ranch
The road was initially paved and I began to question what I had read.  But, then, the pavement ended, and we found ourselves on an unimproved dirt road that did keep winding up the mountain.  And, the terrain looked decidedly less and less like Maui, tropical island paradise!
Looks like the Pacific NW
Wow!  At the end of this winding road was a small state park, and a family was actually having a picnic in what was very chilly, damp and misty weather that I would expect more in the Pacific Northwest than in Maui.  What a diverse little island we’ve found ourselves on!  And, yes, we were in the middle of a stand of redwood trees!
Looking up the Redwoods
We walked around this lovely find, and I found some of what I think of as great moody photo op’s those involving mist!  There was a bit of a walk that lead down to a cabin that could be rented.  I guess if the folks living on Maui want to get away from a tropical paradise, they could rent this cabin at the end of Waipoli Road!
Misty Maui
I was actually quite surprised at how thick the forest was!  And, it was mostly wild no handy little trails to walk down.  The concession to folks being there was the clearing where they had a picnic pavilion built, and a porta-potty or two!  But, otherwise, it was lots and lots of trees!
Dense Woods
As we walked further down the road that led to the cabin, the mist in the trees got to be pretty darn thick.  It created the effect that I love mystery, depth, and even, if one were so inclined, a bit scary!!
I just love how the mist plays tricks on my eyes and my mind.  As I stood there, watching the mist play in and out among the trees, I watched how trees with seemingly fade in and out of my view.  This type of scene makes me feel very peaceful.
And, of course, with all this moisture, there were some lovely flowers to be seen.  These, however, weren’t tropical blooms.  No, they were of a hardier type one that could withstand the chill and even cold that came from being rather high up the mountain.
Beautiful Green
Blooms in the Rainforest
On the way back down the mountain, I had one last few of the trees in the mist.  This was the view off a sort of run-off area of the road.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of this run-off being full of water, flowing down from the top of the mountain!  Getting one’s car washed off the road into this would not be the makings of a good day!
Edge of the Washout

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Scenic Route to Lahaina
On day, we decided to approach Lahaina from the opposite direction.  Truly, it’s more scenic than commercial route we took a few days before.  I was curious about this drive, as I don’t believe I drove this route the last time I was in Maui, which was several, several years ago with my Mom.
One of the fun things about this drive was how close it felt at times to the water, albeit a few hundred feet down!!  It felt so isolated, like I would like to think Maui was years ago.
Over the Edge
As we drove around on this side of the island, I really got to feel how close these islands are.  As we looked out on this lovely view, it took me a minute to realize that I was looking at Molokai, an island next to Maui.  So close, and yet so far away!
Molokai in the Distance
One of the things that Jeff & I didn’t realize was how narrow and winding the road would be.  It was a bit unforgiving one side was right up against a rock face and the other dropped off almost immediately into a long steep fall!  Apparently, the road was sort of chiseled out of the side of the rock face.
Narrow Winding Road
There is one thing that I never realized and never thought about when it comes to Maui and that is that a fair portion of it seems to be devoted to ranching, with cattle and goats found from time to time, dotting the landscape.  This image isn’t the best we were moving too fast for me to get a really clear shot but I just sort of really liked the little egret sitting there among the cattle!
Egret & Cattle
Another thing we saw on a somewhat routine basis were hand-made memorials to someone who had died, presumably on that section of the road.  You’d be tempted to think this person accidentally drove off the cliff that this cross is standing on.  However, that cross is actually a bit of a ways from the road.  The person would have really had to drive quite a distance before going off.  Perhaps it was a favorite spot of someone’s instead.
Lonely Memorial
There was something about this fence that appealed to me.  I guess it reminds me of our home state of New Mexico, and the ranches there are out on the mesa.  However, none of the mesa’s back home have this view!
Fenced View
And, here’s another island in view in the distance!  If you look out past the jutting coast line, you will see a sort of grey hump of land in the distance.  After checking with the map, I’m pretty sure that’s the island of Lanai.  If I recall correctly, there are supposed to be some lovely golf courses on Lanai.  But, Jeff & I are not golfers, so I wouldn’t automatically take my word for it!
Lanai in the Distance
At some points, we did get out of the car to walk up close to the edge of the cliffs we were driving along.  In this one case, when I looked down, I realized that the water was so clear, I could see the lava rocks beneath the surface of the water.
 Clear Waters
At different points, I really liked to just watch how the different colors of blue played along the shoreline.  That light aquamarine turquoise blue just gets me to stop every time and sigh with delight!
Beautiful Shoreline
Along this part of the coast, is a fairly decent sized blowhole.  As the water from the ocean rushes in, it gets trapped under the rocks and sort of bursts out like a geyser from the blow hole.  There are at least a couple along the shore, but this one, the Nakalele Blowhole is just about the largest and tallest.  I realize that from this vantage point it doesn’t look all that large or tall.  However, in the lower left corner of this image, you’ll see a person walking.  That gives you a better perspective of the size of it!
Nakalele Blowhole
Another thing that we see so much, it’s fairly routine and almost invisible, are the lovely flowers all over!  I had to stop and capture this image of a hibiscus.  It was right along the path down which I was traveling, and almost reached out and tapped me on the shoulder!
Orange Red Hibiscus
As we passed over one of many, many bridges on this road, I noticed the peaceful flow of the water out to the ocean.  Jeff stopped the Jeep so I could take a photo of it.  When I did that, I thought to cross the road to photograph the other side.  Altho the water is flowing peacefully here, it’s quite the different scene!
View from Both Sides