Thursday, August 17, 2017

Postcard from Thursday – August 17, 2017
Back Patio
This week, I didn’t travel far from home inspiration.  I was particularly content just sitting on our back patio.  It’s quite the change from how I grew up – in the city.  And, as I think about the contrast in life between the city and country, I couldn’t help but think that the wild roses growing on a bush just off our patio was more lovely than any city sight I’ve ever seen.  And, so that’s this week’s thought…..
Back Patio

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Postcard from Thursday – August 10, 2017
I don’t have far to walk to my studio, but along the way during the summer months, this yucca’s blooms always seem to wave me along, offering encouragement for whatever I have in mind.  At times, I let my hand caress the tiny red blooms and the green seed pods.  It’s a connection I never tire of.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Postcard from Thursday August 3, 2017
Christmas Anywhere
I’m never surprised to see Christmas whenever I walk thru the woods.  Even in the heart of summertime, there are always a few leaves that seem to want to hurry autumn, and then winter, along.  The natural colors of Christmas are always a treat to find, no matter the season!
Christmas Anywhere

Sunday, July 30, 2017

In Miki’s Words
Hi, it’s me again, Miki, the wonder camping (and exploring) pup!  I just thought I’d share a few of my favorite moments from exploring with Mom and Dad along the back road from Red River to Questa.
Wetting my Paws
After a bit of exploring in a small grassy spot where Mom and Dad let me stretch my legs, I noticed a nice, cool mountain stream – the perfect place to cool off my warm paws!
Taking a Sip
The water wasn’t deep enough to swim in, but it was very refreshing!  I don’t know why Mom and Dad didn’t take a drink, tho.  They seem to prefer drinking from bottles….
In the Swim of Things
Mom mentioned the mountain lake.  We had to walk soooooo long before we found a spot where I could swim that wasn’t close to other folks fishing, I was beginning to think we’d never find a place!  But, not only did Dad find a great swimming place, he also found a great stick so I could play fetch with him, swimming out to get the stick and bringing it back…..I don’t know why he wasn’t wild about me shaking off by him, tho.  I was just trying to cool him off, too!
On the Way Home
Here I am on the way back home.  I’m a bit damp, but I’ll dry!  And, check out how Mom and Dad made the entire back of the Jeep my very own riding spot!  How deluxe!  I’m facing forward in this shot, but sometimes I look out the back to see where we’ve been!
Flowers in the Mountains
All along the roads, we kept seeing some wonderful wildflowers.  I hadn’t realized that the wildflower season up in the mountains would still be going strong, so whenever we came across blooms throughout the area, they were always such a treat for me!
Field and Mountains
In a previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to be able to photograph the fields of Rocky Mountain Penstemon that were in bloom.  Well, here was a great photo op!  Not only did I get a field of picture-perfect purple, but also had the mountains in the background!
Deep Woods Bloom
Even in the middle of the woods, we came across some wildflowers, like these yellow coneflowers.  They do look a bit past their prime, but they are still lovely!
I couldn’t resist this little bloom!  It looks like it’s just beginning to open its petals to the sun, and the sun shone on it just perfectly to create a sort of natural spotlight.
On the Floor
I had to be careful when walking around, too.  This little gem was right at my feet, and so delicate, if I had not been careful where I was stepping, I might have crushed it.  I believe this is either a wood violet or wild geranium, but I’m not certain.
Forest Floor
I always love it when nature provides such a lovely vignette to photograph.  The rocks with the moss on them are a great compliment to the green and rust leaves.  Seems odd to have leaves already changing color in a few places, when the wildflowers are still bursting with color.
Leatherflower in the Woods
I believe this little treasure is called a leatherflower.  Seems like such an odd name for such a pretty flower, but when it’s done blooming and begins to wither, it really does take on the look of leather – albeit a pretty color leather!
Back Road – Red River to Questa
Another day on our recent camping trip, we continued to explore New Mexico’s Enchanted Circle, and took a back road from the ski town of Red River to Questa, a small town just north of Taos.  Such lovely scenery!
Red River Ski Resort
We weren’t too far on the back road when we got a great view of the Red River ski resort.  I love the pattern of the slopes crisscrossing down the mountain!  I’d like to think I could ski that, but it’s been far too many years!
Looking Down the Valley
 A bit further down the road, on the other side from the ski slopes was this wonderful view of a valley that is between two different mountains.  The air was so clean and fresh, it almost made one dizzy!
Deep Woods
We did stop at a small clearing and wandered around a bit, to give Miki a chance to stretch her legs.  When I looked up between some trees, I saw this great view looking up.  No matter how high we were, there always seemed to be mountains higher than us!
Towering Trees
I always tend to be amazed at how tall the pine trees grow!  These were just towering above us!  And, of course, the air had that wonderful piney scent!
Lake View
One spur road led us to a small mountain lake.  I wish I could say we were the only ones there, but this little treasure seems to be well known by folks who either live in the area, or a frequent visitors.  There were a number of fisher-folks, but we did find a place for Miki to take a dip!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Back Road Flowers
I was very happy to see that the wildflower season was still in full bloom, so to speak!  We saw flowers almost everywhere we went!  I couldn’t resist sharing them with you –
Summer Daisies
Daisies are such a happy flower, aren’t they?  They always just remind me of smiles. And, sunshine, with the yellow centers, and the white petals, like the clouds in the sky.  Ok, so my imagination is running a bit wild with this one, but it does seem to fit, doesn’t it?
White Flowers
These may be the same type of flowers that Georgia O’Keeffe painted.  However, I don’t think she knew what they were any more than I do, since she called the paintings of the flowers, “White Flowers”, I believe!  Still, they are so lovely against the green, aren’t they?
Purple Asters
I’m not 100% certain, but I believe these are purple asters.  They may be known by another name formally, but I do think they are in the aster family.  When I googled purple asters, the images look rather like these!  In any event, I was really surprised to see these, since I don’t know that I’ve ever just come across them on my own, without knowing in advance they bloomed in an area.  A real find!
Scarlet Penstemon
The scarlet penstemon looks so much different from what they call the Rocky Mountain Penstemon, it’s hard to see the family tie, so to speak!  Still, this is a lovely flower, altho they tend to grow in sparse groupings or singly, so to get an impressive “bunch” of them in an image, is kind of impossible for me.