Sunday, July 30, 2017

Back Road – Red River to Questa
Another day on our recent camping trip, we continued to explore New Mexico’s Enchanted Circle, and took a back road from the ski town of Red River to Questa, a small town just north of Taos.  Such lovely scenery!
Red River Ski Resort
We weren’t too far on the back road when we got a great view of the Red River ski resort.  I love the pattern of the slopes crisscrossing down the mountain!  I’d like to think I could ski that, but it’s been far too many years!
Looking Down the Valley
 A bit further down the road, on the other side from the ski slopes was this wonderful view of a valley that is between two different mountains.  The air was so clean and fresh, it almost made one dizzy!
Deep Woods
We did stop at a small clearing and wandered around a bit, to give Miki a chance to stretch her legs.  When I looked up between some trees, I saw this great view looking up.  No matter how high we were, there always seemed to be mountains higher than us!
Towering Trees
I always tend to be amazed at how tall the pine trees grow!  These were just towering above us!  And, of course, the air had that wonderful piney scent!
Lake View
One spur road led us to a small mountain lake.  I wish I could say we were the only ones there, but this little treasure seems to be well known by folks who either live in the area, or a frequent visitors.  There were a number of fisher-folks, but we did find a place for Miki to take a dip!

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