Sunday, July 30, 2017

Flowers in the Mountains
All along the roads, we kept seeing some wonderful wildflowers.  I hadn’t realized that the wildflower season up in the mountains would still be going strong, so whenever we came across blooms throughout the area, they were always such a treat for me!
Field and Mountains
In a previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to be able to photograph the fields of Rocky Mountain Penstemon that were in bloom.  Well, here was a great photo op!  Not only did I get a field of picture-perfect purple, but also had the mountains in the background!
Deep Woods Bloom
Even in the middle of the woods, we came across some wildflowers, like these yellow coneflowers.  They do look a bit past their prime, but they are still lovely!
I couldn’t resist this little bloom!  It looks like it’s just beginning to open its petals to the sun, and the sun shone on it just perfectly to create a sort of natural spotlight.
On the Floor
I had to be careful when walking around, too.  This little gem was right at my feet, and so delicate, if I had not been careful where I was stepping, I might have crushed it.  I believe this is either a wood violet or wild geranium, but I’m not certain.
Forest Floor
I always love it when nature provides such a lovely vignette to photograph.  The rocks with the moss on them are a great compliment to the green and rust leaves.  Seems odd to have leaves already changing color in a few places, when the wildflowers are still bursting with color.
Leatherflower in the Woods
I believe this little treasure is called a leatherflower.  Seems like such an odd name for such a pretty flower, but when it’s done blooming and begins to wither, it really does take on the look of leather – albeit a pretty color leather!

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