Sunday, July 30, 2017

In Miki’s Words
Hi, it’s me again, Miki, the wonder camping (and exploring) pup!  I just thought I’d share a few of my favorite moments from exploring with Mom and Dad along the back road from Red River to Questa.
Wetting my Paws
After a bit of exploring in a small grassy spot where Mom and Dad let me stretch my legs, I noticed a nice, cool mountain stream – the perfect place to cool off my warm paws!
Taking a Sip
The water wasn’t deep enough to swim in, but it was very refreshing!  I don’t know why Mom and Dad didn’t take a drink, tho.  They seem to prefer drinking from bottles….
In the Swim of Things
Mom mentioned the mountain lake.  We had to walk soooooo long before we found a spot where I could swim that wasn’t close to other folks fishing, I was beginning to think we’d never find a place!  But, not only did Dad find a great swimming place, he also found a great stick so I could play fetch with him, swimming out to get the stick and bringing it back…..I don’t know why he wasn’t wild about me shaking off by him, tho.  I was just trying to cool him off, too!
On the Way Home
Here I am on the way back home.  I’m a bit damp, but I’ll dry!  And, check out how Mom and Dad made the entire back of the Jeep my very own riding spot!  How deluxe!  I’m facing forward in this shot, but sometimes I look out the back to see where we’ve been!

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