Thursday, July 27, 2017

Back Road to Taos
After the cabins, we actually turned onto the dirt roads that we’d follow almost all the way to Taos.  The sights were varied, and kept us captivated during the entire drive.
Driving the Back Road
We were having typical monsoon weather while on this camping trip, so we were a bit concerned that the roads might be a bit muddy and difficult to travel.  However, they actually were quite nice, and the afternoon showers only served to keep the dust down!  These roads were quite well maintained, as we discovered several folks did some true back country camping as we traveled along the way!
Old Fence
This portion of the fence just seemed so perfect sitting in the back woods.  I imagine that at one time, it was more complete, and held some horses, or even cattle.  Makes you wonder what happened to the rest of it, but that this part was left to stand as a sort of monument to times past.
White Woods
I have come to learn that these are not birch, but alder instead.  I loved the look of what I think of as the white woods.  I adjusted the image so that the white of the alders was emphasized. 
Wild Life Sighting
And, then, along the road, we saw 2 deer.  It seemed as tho they were as surprised to see us as we were delighted to see them!  I took several images, but these three tell the story.  They see us, and then, one at a time, they decided they didn’t care for us or our mode of transport, and off they went!
Peaceful Stream
We did stop at a place that seemed like it would be a lovely backwoods camping area and had a look around.  There was a lovely stream, slowing flowing along.  Camping here wouldn’t give us the sound of a babbling brook, but it would provide a nice place to sit and read, or think, or just imagine.

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